Trip to Valencia 21.09.2014

I couldn’t make a birthday edit for Thiago I wish I had the time to :(


Love this pic!!



All the players in the Brazil nt better come correct with them bday wishes for Thiago! I want to see Instagram posts from all of you! Your one true captain needs the love!

Happy Birthday Thiago, the love of my life, fire of my loins, my football bae and angel from heaven above I love you a lot, you deserve every amount of success you have and more and I hope you have a wonderful day today.


no but he’s cristiano ronaldo, one of the most famou people on the planet, had bucket loads of money and can have very many helpers, and not to forget, is very very busy, but he still goes to his son’s school to pick him up everyday


Its horrible that we live in a world where this is happening